Finished canvas arrives back at Canadian Lead PS

Excited students received the finished canvas recently from China!  The theme of endangered species provided a colourful and meaningful topic for students in both countries!

Canadian Lead looks forward to welcoming their Chinese partners in December when a delegation is planning to visit.  Images below show work in progress in China and also show the finished canvas at both the Chinese end and at the Victorian end!  A travelling art exhibition between our countries.

DSCN0605 IMG_1011 IMG_1018 DSCN0605 IMG_1007 20140701_140630

15th November Link up

The Children of 1/2M made masks in LOTE this week to show the Chinese students. They were very excited to show their masks and talk about where their animal lives, what it looks like, what it eats and how it’s babies are born. We also showed the Chinese students the beginnings of our mural. So far we have chosen our animals, traced them onto the canvas and some children have started to paint.

KoalaWe hope you like our Australian Animal Masks.

1/2M really liked looking at the pictures of the golden monkey,s we thought they were really cute and fluffy. We also think that the students from China speak excellent English and draw beautiful pictures. We cant wait till our next link up!

Second student link up

Today, Cindy, Louise, Darlene and the art classes at the respective schools in China and Australia linked up for the second time.  Heather Lu assisted kindly with translations.  Students shared more details and images of animals from their country and this time of traditional Australian art work.  This sharing is leading towards the commencement of the joint mural.  We will be sorting out the MSLYNC captions so they can be seen in China before the next link up as this helps with understanding for the students. You can see images from today in the Gallery below.

What did the kids at Canadian Lead think?

William h:   My favourite part is making the animals to show the Chinese children.

Jaxon:  I really liked drawing on the mural I hope the Chinese students like our pictures.

Bella: I like making the animal mask I’m excited to share them.

Kent: I liked getting pictures from Google, I have been writing about a snake and I am almost ready to share it with the Chinese students. 

Jai: I like the pictures that they Chinese children have shown us.


Our students connect!



It was fantastic to finally link the two art classes! Students from China introduced themselves and shareed some of the wonderful Chinese art techniques with us.  We leant some lessons from our first link up.  We were able to have every child speak which was great.  Canadian Lead students showed images of Australian animals and the crocodiles got a shocked reaction in China!  The agreed theme was animals. 

Next link is in a fortnight…  thankyou for the negotiations and effort that has gone into making this possible at the two schools.